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You can take advantage of our postage discounts when you buy and print labels through eBay.

Creating and printing postage labels

To create and print a label go to My eBay > Sold, select an item, and then select Print postage label. You'll review the order details, select a postal service, choose a postage option, print the packing slip, purchase postage, and then print the label. We'll let the buyer know that you're getting ready to send the item.

If the service you're using offers tracking, the tracking information appears automatically in My eBay for both you and the buyer.

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Reprinting or cancelling postage labels

You can reprint a label by selecting Print another label from the actions column. You'll be able to reprint a label up to 24 hours after you first create it.

You have up to 7 days to cancel a postage label after purchasing it. Either select Cancel label from the Print postage label screen, or go to My eBay > Sell >Postage Labels, find the label and select Cancel from the Actions column. The cost of the label will be refunded to your PayPal account within 21 days.

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