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eBay’s new delivery service powered by Shutl makes it easy for UK sellers to create and print postage labels. Here’s how:

Creating and printing postage labels with Shutl
  1. Go to Sold in My eBay, select the item and then select Print postage label.
  2. Choose your preferred delivery service by selecting View all services.
  3. Select a package size and a dispatch method. You can choose to drop your item off at a participating outlet most convenient for you, or have it collected.
  4. If choose to have your item collected, select Collection, your preferred courier and the date you’d like the item to be picked up.
  5. Review a summary of the details you selected including preferred delivery service, total cost and terms and conditions (T&Cs). When you’re satisfied that all the details are correct and have agreed to the T&Cs, select Confirm and pay.
  6. Select Print label.
  7. Package the item safely and make sure the label is clearly visible; then take it to the drop off outlet you selected earlier or prepare it for collection. Only scanned labels are added to your monthly invoice. 

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For eBay members using the former print label platform, you can still create, print, reprint and cancel labels as you would have before. Here's how:

Creating, printing, reprinting and cancelling postage labels

To create and print a label, go to My eBay > Sold, select the item, then select Print postage label. You'll review the order details, choose a postage option, input the package's weight and dimensions, print a packing slip, purchase postage, and then print the label. We'll let the buyer know that you're getting ready to send the item.

If the postage option you choose offers tracking, the tracking information appears automatically in My eBay for both you and the buyer.

If you need to reprint a label, select Print another label from the actions column. You'll be able to reprint up to 24 hours after the label was first created.

If you need to cancel a label after paying for it, you have up to 7 days to do so. Either select Cancel label from the Print postage label screen, or go to My eBay > Sell > Postage Labels, find the label and select Cancel from the Actions column. The cost of the label will be refunded to your PayPal account within 21 days. 

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