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Falling below seller performance standards may result in lower search placement for your listings. It can also lead to partial or even complete restrictions on sales activities. If you fall below standard, you'll be given a minimum of 3 months to improve your performance before selling limits and selling restrictions are placed on their account. Lower search placement, fund holds, and the loss of Anchor and Premium Shop privileges will apply immediately.

After 3 months, eBay will evaluate your performance. If you're showing improvement, selling limits and restrictions will be deferred for an additional month. As long as you continue to show improvement, that grace period will be extended on a monthly basis until your performance meets our minimum standards. Your Seller Standards Dashboard will be regularly updated to show what is causing your account to be below standard, and whether you're showing improvement.

The best way to avoid becoming Below Standard is to provide your customers with great buying experiences. The information in your seller dashboard can help you identify opportunities to provide a better experience for your customers.

If you're a Top Rated Seller, and you're not meeting the requirements for the late delivery rate, your level will drop to Above Standard. If you're not a Top Rated Seller, and the only seller performance metric you're not meeting is the late shipment rate, your seller level won't be affected. However, we may restrict or limit the postage options you can offer on your listings, to help you avoid future late deliveries and make it easier for you to meet your buyer's expectations.

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