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In auction-style listings, you place increasing bids to buy an item. The highest bidder wins once the auction ends. In some cases, the seller may set a hidden minimum price, known as a reserve price, which has to be met for the item to be sold.

When you're bidding on an item, we recommend you enter the highest amount you're willing to pay. This is your maximum bid. No one sees it. You won't necessarily pay your maximum, and if no one else bids as high as your maximum, you’ll pay less.

We automatically increase your bid for you, up to your maximum, to maintain your position as the high bidder or to meet the item's reserve price. We'll notify you each time your bid is increased or if you've been outbid.

Alternatively, you can enter the lowest amount needed to beat the current highest bid. Keep in mind, if the current highest bidder is using automatic bidding and has set a maximum amount higher than your bid, you'll be outbid instantly.

Only bid on items you intend to buy. In most cases, you can't retract your bid. If you win, you must pay the seller.

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