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You can relist an item and offer it for sale again if:

  • It doesn't sell the first time you list it
  • The buyer doesn't pay
  • You cancel the order
  • You end the listing early

You have two options for relisting a single item: automatically or manually. In addition, you can relist instantly from the email we send you. Either way, it counts as one of your free monthly listings. Free listings only cover the insertion fee. You’ll still be charged any listing upgrades such as using bold text, and you’ll be charged for the final value fee when your item sells.


Relist automatically

  • This option can save you time as it automatically relists your item if it doesn’t sell

  • Automatic relisting only works when an item doesn’t sell. For other conditions, you’ll need to relist manually

  • When you create a listing, here’s how you can set it to relist automatically: Select Sell > Review your listing > Automatically relist this item if it doesn't sell

Relist manually

  • Use this option when you end a listing early, you cancel an order, the buyer doesn’t pay, or the item doesn’t sell

  • To manually relist your item after the listing ends, select My eBay > Unsold or go to the listing and select Relist. You can make changes to your listing before you relist your item.

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