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As long as the seller accepts PayPal, you can use a coupon or voucher to pay for all or part of your purchase. Here's how to use coupons or vouchers and how they work.

  • Enter the redemption code in the voucher, gift card, or certificate field to redeem a coupon during checkout. Then select Apply to see your new order total.
  • Only one coupon may be used per purchase. Check the terms and conditions for more details. 

When using a coupon or voucher, remember:

  • Check the expiration date and time to be sure it hasn't expired
  • It comes in different forms, but all eBay vouchers require that you pay with PayPal. If a seller doesn't accept PayPal, you can't use the voucher to buy from them.
  • We send them to your registered eBay email address. They're also in the Vouchers section at the bottom of My eBay Summary.
  • Vouchers can't be transferred between eBay accounts

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